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Making Inmarsat Matter with Customer Engagement in B2B

During our latest Morning Session on Customer Engagement in B2B marketing, we had the pleasure to introduce an award-winning client, Inmarsat Aviation. Inmarsat is the leading provider of satellite communications solutions to airlines, operators, and passengers worldwide. Due to the services provided by Inmarsat, you are now able to be connected at 35,000 feet in the sky.
Inmarsat Aviation and Ogilvy in London have developed and executed an exciting and efficient Customer Engagement programme. The case was presented by Dominic Walters, Vice President Marketing Communications & Strategy at Inmarsat Aviation and Nik Myers, Planning Partner, Ogilvy London.
We asked Dominic Walters, Vice President Marketing Communications & Strategy at Inmarsat Aviation, what was crucial to know in B2B Customer Engagement?

Inmarsat Aviation – Bring it on!

We were brought on a journey of customer engagement at the morning session at Ogilvy Denmark. Over the last five years, Inmarsat Aviation has been working on how to build a strong brand in an industry which is undergoing a digital transformation. With help from Ogilvy, Inmarsat Aviation managed to disrupt the status quo and enlighten its target audience. In the first six months alone, a targeted digital and experiential activity engaged 60% of target market accounts. Thought leadership content and partnerships, combined with high-touch media relations management, put Inmarsat’s name firmly at the center of the industry conversation. Brand awareness jumped to 67% within the industry – placing Inmarsat Aviation jointly alongside the leading competitor.

We asked Nik Myers, Planning Partner, Ogilvy London, to give his take on what’s is trending in B2B Customer engagement?

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