Lidt bedre end andre gode oste Riberhus

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“Lidt bedre end andre gode oste”

Ogilvy had the pleasure of working with Riberhus for more than 12 years. During that time, we have contributed to making Riberhus the strongest cheese brand in Denmark. Our take on communication was primarily focused on craftsmanship and quality. In other words, we told a story about a cheese that was – slightly better than other good cheeses .
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    The communication has naturally evolved over the years. The story about a master and the apprentice told a humoristic story about all the work and dedication that goes into making a block of good cheese. Even though the story was told by actors, the storyline was true. The master and the apprentice became a popular storyline that ran for several years until the master himself had to retire. In 2013, the platform was to be renewed but we kept some similarities.

    We created a new universe with an underlying message telling our peers to focus on one thing at a time while making an effort. This new universe became one of Arla’s best performing campaigns. Furthermore, it worked as a quick reminder for the target audience: Sometimes all you need is to make an effort and stay focused on one thing at a time – just as we do at Riberhus.

    But Riberhus was facing a challenge. Even though we emphasize quality, craftsmanship, and taste, Riberhus was perceived as a mass-produced cheese for everyday life. On top of that, Riberhus is heavily reliant on milk prices; if the prices go up on milk, the price goes up on Riberhus. Finally, the price difference between Riberhus and its competitors increased, meaning that it was even more important to focus on craftsmanship, taste, and quality to defend the higher prices.

    Our research showed that the majority of Danish cheese lovers had three to four preferred cheeses that they usually choose between. But in the end, the consumers are very focused on price, meaning that 1 in 2 cheeses bought in supermarkets is purchased on sale.

    So, how should we convince the Danes that Riberhus is all about solid craftsmanship and therefore worth the extra penny when we don’t have any communicative USP’s to build our story around.

    We decided to visit Riberhus once again. This time we met the chief crémier affineur, Lars. We had a two-hour tour at the cheese factory. We learned about the importance of the temperatures in the maturing room, how many holes a Riberhus must contain etc. But one thing stood out. The craftsmen at Riberhus are extremely passionate and dedicated to their craft.