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“Derfor V-Power”

Why choose V-Power? We answer the question in Shell’s latest campaign, “Derfor V-Power”. Here we let the drivers themselves explain why they are using Shell V-Power. V-Power is Shell’s brand-bearing product. It is a result of Shell’s dedication to providing the best fuel of choice on the market. It furthermore represents the strongest premium fuel brand in Denmark. Our goal with this campaign was to strengthen the perception of Shell as being “Driven by quality”. By doing so, we need to tell a captivating a story about V-Power and why it is better for your car compared to regular fuel. This should create a bigger incentive for consumers to change behavior towards V-Power.
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    But Shell was facing a huge challenge. The majority of their customers did not understand the difference between V-Power and regular fuel. This was primarily due to technical and complex product description. When the consumers had difficulties with understanding the benefits of V-Power, it was harder to justify the extra costs associating with changing to V-Power. Previous V-Power campaigns showed that tactical campaigns generated trials, but consumers had a tendency to go back to regular fuel within a few months. To feel an effect, the drivers should use V-Power exclusively for three months. To overcome these barriers, we choose to communicate in eye height with the consumers by using testimonials. Real V-Power consumers – not actors – should advocate for V-Power in their wording. Instead of having a technical product focus, we choose to zoom-in on the relationship between the consumer and their car – and why they are using V-Power. To include the technical benefits and product facts, we asked a former racing driver and TV-commentator, Nicolas Kiesa. We managed to create a campaign focusing on the values that the Shell brand always has stood for – high quality and performance. But by taking a more emotional approach we managed to captivate the audience’s attention. Visit our campaign site here.