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End to end CRM

The market for telecommunications services is characterized by an overload of generic products. This has led to an industry with intense competition on pricing and decreasing loyalty. Due to the falling margins, Telia has to overcome a barrier: How do you retain existing customers when it has become expensive to recruit new customers?
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    Our research has shown that the customers had difficulties with differentiating between telco providers due to the massive focus on price. Furthermore, 25% of the Danish market for telecommunications are always on the lookout for a good offer. It has also become more convenient for Danish consumers to change telco provider due to new handling procedures. We helped Telia in the creation of a Customer Life Cycle (CLC) Program which included more than 600.000 customers in an automated communications flow. The automated flow increased customer satisfaction and decreased costs significantly. Our mission was to create a real-time dialogue through e-mail, web, SMS, and DM with a focus on individual needs. We developed more than 40 different flows providing relevant communication for the individual customer. In that way, we managed to use data in a meaningful way in order to deliver the right message at the right time. The Customer Life Cycle Program has led to a higher turnover per customer while maintaining the churn rate. The customer satisfaction rose to an all-time high and we managed to win three international DMA Echo awards, four dialogue prices at the DM day, and one Advertising Effectiveness Award.

Value-Added Services

In collaboration with Telia, we managed to develop a strategy focusing on Value-Added Services (VAS). The consumer is faced with many different choices when selecting a telecommunications service provider. More than 66% of all the Danish customers select telecom provider based on price. So how do you justify a premium price in a way that convinces customers to select Telia?
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    Our research showed that if a customer gets more than he or she pays for – it is harder for them to leave the telecommunications service provider. Therefore, we developed a strategy for Telia offering value-added services for the customer to achieve more value for their money. With a Telia subscription plan, you can get selected services included in the price. Services that you usually have to pay for – i.e Spotify Premium, HBO Nordic, and Storytel. They are offered free of charge as part of the mobile subscription. We have integrated automated e-mail flows to activate the individual customer’s use of these services in order to extend the lifetime of each customer – with great success. With the integration of value-added services into the CLC, we ensure a clear differentiation of Telia’s product while giving the customers the impression that they get great value for money. Factors that contribute to increased retention and loyalty.