#TroPåDet Carlsberg Sport

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In collaboration with Carlsberg Sport, we made a repositioning of the brand. The ambition was to give the brand renewed relevance in the soft drink category. But Carlsberg Sport was facing a huge challenge. Their main competitor, Faxe Kondi was solidly rooted in the market for lemon-lime sodas and left no room for Carlsberg Sport. On top of that, Carlsberg Sport had not managed to stay relevant for the target audience even though a large part of the consumers preferred Carlsberg Sport over Faxe Kondi in blind tests. Ogilvy was brought on the journey and managed to transform Carlsberg Sport from a dusty, slightly overlooked soda to an edge seeking brand with attitude.

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    The ambition was to reposition Carlsberg Sport as a challenger within the category. By creating a brand that could shape an emotional relationship with the target group, while maintaining a close bond to football – both at a club and elite level. In this way, existing sponsorships would be utilized.
    Our take was to create a 360-degree campaign focusing on convenience and instant consumption, including new packaging design.

    Awareness and engagement were declining, and Carlsberg Sport was in urgent need for a new identity and point of difference. The target audience needed some emotional elements that the audience could relate to as well as differentiate Carlsberg Sport from their competitors.

    Our research showed that Carlsberg Sport was targeting an audience consisting of young sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, the audience was facing a change of attitude. It is no longer considered nerdy or uncool to be good in school. It is okay to strive for the best and support your friends in succeeding. Carlsberg Sport should not talk about soft drinks but instead catch their audience’s attention by talking about their lives and sport.

    Insights showed a new generation of young people who knew that the world is at their feet. The pressure from the outside world can feel enormous. Therefore, it is even more important to dare and believe in yourself, your dreams and goals. But things do not happen on their own. They have to fight for it. Why? Because the teens are told that it is an impossible dream. Our solution was to tell the target audience that it is okay to believe in yourself, your talent and that nothing is impossible. Our communication should encourage, inspire, and challenge the target audience to follow their dreams and ambitions.

    Ogilvy took action with the hashtag ‘Tro på det’ [Believe in it]. The campaign was a shoutout to all the young peers. We wanted to encourage a new generation to fight for their dreams – also in the rain on Sundays. Therefore, Carlsberg Sport should not communicate as a classic soft drink brand. They should instead communicate as a sports brand. The benchmark for our communication was Nike and Adidas which also provided the foundation for a more aggressive communication. In that way, we managed to integrate Carlsberg Sports’ core values; brave, energetic, and refreshing.

    With the help from the professional football player Pierre Emile Højbjerg, we used his story to create a manifesto for a new generation of young people who strive to become the best. The campaign was launched across channels – from the cinema to online and in-store displays. It was not just about awakening the target group’s dreams of winning on film, but also about ensuring that they would reach out for a Carlsberg Sport in the store.

    The results were phenomenal, and it paid off to bring the concept to life. Sales increased by 35%. A Brand Manager of Carlsberg Sport commented: “We finally managed to bring Carlsberg Sport to life, and it has become a good business”.