#TroPåDet Carlsberg Sport

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Ogilvy helped Carlsberg Sport with a new communication platform. Going from a dusty, slightly overlooked soda brand, Carlsberg Sport became a brand with edge and attitude.

Carlsberg Sport has to be the brand for those who take care of themselves, their talent, and take sports seriously. With the new payoff #TroPåDet, Carlsberg Sport was reborn as the brand for those who weren’t embarrassed to be ambitious.

Ogilvy developed a new identity. It was simple, authentic, black and white. The platform was brought to life in all touch points from packaging design, social media, clothes, and movies. And the result was clear. Within a few months Carlsberg Sport went from an overlooked soda to suddenly being in the absolute top of the carbonates category with an increase in sales of no less than 35%.