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DSB – Plus

DSB was facing a challenge. In order to retain customers and increase sales, DSB wanted to further utilize their frequent travelers’ program, DSB Plus. But where to start? We defined new target groups based on a cluster analysis made in collaboration with Epinion. The data insights were essential in the creation of a highly effective and personalized 1:1 communication with frequent travelers. From 2016 to 2017, we managed to strengthen the relationship between DSB and their existing customers. With full-on Ogilvy support, DSB Plus became a substantial source of additional income as well as one of the largest loyalty programs in Denmark with more than 1.1 million users.
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    By using DSB Plus as an effective tool for retaining existing customers, DSB also wanted to increase their sales of products and services through the program. To solve this task, we needed to create a behavioral change in a target group that already knew DSB well. Several of the customers were already frequent travelers, so it would not be enough to increase the travel frequency. More products had to be sold before, during and after the journey. Based on three primary insights, we created a series of incentives focusing on generating meaningful relations by adding commercial value. Our research showed that the smartphone was the perfect medium of entertainment during train rides. The travelers use more time looking at their phones than looking at each other, making smartphones the right medium of communication. Research furthermore showed that offers which are available for a short period of time delivered in the right context contain a high level of purchasing power. Lastly, the time spent during train rides are considered time to kill for the passengers. These three key insights were used to create a series of campaigns. The mission consisted of delivering the right content, in the right place, at the right time, to the right person. By using call-to-actions, we managed to create a sense of urgency which led to a substantial increase in sales. With the creative concept “Your travel companion”, we made DSB Plus a relevant travel companion that effectively served the customers’ needs both before, during, and after the train ride. The services were personalized from a computer-based platform and communicated via a medium that the customer always had with them – the smartphone. By combining different data points, we succeeded in creating a concept that met the objective of retaining the customers in the DSB Plus program. We managed to obtain a retention rate of 99%. As well as attracting a large base of new customers to the program.