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Officer’s campaign

The Danish Defence wanted to attract ambitious bachelors from Universities to apply to the new officer’s programs. The challenge was that an education in the Danish Defence was not at all part of the bachelor’s mindset. For them, the Danish Defense smelled too much of bullets and rigid hierarchy – all of which were in stark contrast to both the academic education they were pursuing, as well as the future dreams of a management job in the private sector.

At Ogilvy, it was our task to engage with the audience by telling a story about real leadership. In order to get the attention of a well-educated target audience, we needed to come up with a solution that talked to the mindset of a future leader – exciting visuals delivered in a seamless interface with easy access to information.

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Awareness: 35% in 2016 to 73% in 2018 (Source: Epinion)
No. of applicants: Identified recruiting potential – Target index 100

Realized in 2016/17: index 226
Realized in 2017/18: index 228

Brand results: “The program delivers unique leadership skills” – 56% (2017) to 63% (2018)
“Danish Defence best to educate the leaders of tomorrow” – 10% (2017) to 13% (2018)