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The life with HIV

In the ’80s and ’90s, people were told horrific stories about a life with HIV. Over the years, these stories have evolved into misperceptions of the modern-day HIV patient. We helped Aids Fondet by telling a new story about living with HIV. A life that is probably just as ordinary as yours.

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    Today the medical treatment is so effective that people with HIV live as long as everybody else. Furthermore, HIV patients are not able to infect others as long as they take a pill each morning. To portray a life with HIV we took various everyday scenarios that everybody could relate to. Everything from expired milk in the fridge to the annoying habits that exist in a marriage.

    We didn’t want to hide anything. No extraordinary camera movement or special effects. The visual composition of the films was easy to understand and straight forward. In this way, we could tell a new story of what it’s like to live with HIV – which is just as dramatic as everything else’s.

    The campaign was a success because we managed to connect with the target audience in a manner that they could relate to.