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Danish Milk

The Danish Dairy Association was facing a challenge. They had to persuade the Danish consumers to buy Danish milk when they did their grocery shopping. In order to do so, The Danish Dairy Association chose Ogilvy as their agency. A consumer analysis showed that 81% of Danes prefer Danish dairy products. The Danes are also convinced that Danish dairy products are of high quality and that Danish agriculture plays a leading role in terms of environmental care and animal welfare. But the Danish Dairy Association was facing a challenge. The Danes took for granted that the milk they bought was Danish – even though it wasn’t. In order to overcome this challenge, we needed to persuade the Danes to actively shop for Danish produced milk.
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    We developed a new communication platform where we explicitly told the benefits of Danish milk. We created a campaign in Danish where “Vi skar mælk ud i pap”. During the campaign, we kept reminding the Danes of all the good things about Danish milk and how they can recognize it in the supermarkets. By using a graphic universe of nostalgia, quality, and love, we ran the campaign outdoors, on TV, digitally and socially. The results were great! The campaign made for The Danish Dairy Association ran over a 3-year period. After the first period, the message had made a great impact on the Danish consumers, and we managed to increase the Danes’ knowledge of the Danish Milk Label from 24% to 33%.