Life is Bitter Fernet Branca

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Life is bitter

With the distinctive taste of Fernet Branca in mind, we developed a campaign associating the brand with a story about a life of bitter experiences. Fernet Branca was facing a challenge because the sale of bitters was declining among its younger peers. In order to captivate the attention of the younger audiences, we created a strong communication platform that revitalized Fernet Branca. We made Fernet Branca appealing for a younger audience with the tagline Life is bitter.
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    We managed to create a humoristic campaign full of bitter experiences. We made the target audience aware of the fact that our billboards could be advertising for sexy underwear commercials but instead a bottle of Fernet Branca was pictured with the caption – Life is bitter. A simple concept that stood out in the clutter. The solution worked across channels, and the copy-borne universe made it possible to convey strong contextual messages everywhere the audience went – from bus stops to cinemas. Our work for Fernet Branca has over the years won several creative prizes, including the Creative Circle Award and Cannes Lions in 2015.