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Customer Engagement and AI in B2B – Highlights

Customer Engagement er et af tidens helt store buzz-words, og det er en særdeles krævende opgave, at gøre brands relevante for den enkelte.

We fuse industry leading data and insights with effective creativity in healthcare, from blue chip pharma to biotech, and in wellness, for all things consumer goods and retail. We combine the best-in-class insights, innovation and creativity from Ogilvy’s global health & wellness experience with extensive local and regional experience to service our local, regional and global clients.
Learn more about the latest health-focused thoughts and insights from leading specialists at morning seminars at our Copenhagen office. Our focus is not only on trends and leading edge technology, but on how to make those applicable and operational for your brand.

At our latest morning session, we took a look at how leading healthcare brands use chatbots to create more valuable patient and HCP experiences – and how to design them with humans in mind.

Contact us for information on upcoming events, and to learn more how we can make your brand matter.