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How we helped Coca-Cola recapture the desirable Teens

The market for soft drinks is greater than ever, and although Coca-Cola is well known, it has been a long-term challenge to reach the teen segment. Teens love feeling unique and trying new things. They select new soft drink brands and create new drinking habits. Especially energy drinks are being chosen at the expense of Coca-Cola.

It was Ogilvy’s task to make Coca-Cola relevant among today’s teen segment and meet them on their preferred channels with a creative concept that resonated to the desires, situation and lives of 21st century teenagers – to make them yet again consider the Coca-Cola drink.

Thus, we created a YouTube channel founded on a creative concept named “The Bucket List Challenge”. The communication strategy behind the creative concept was based on the insight that teens love living out their dreams – bringing forth happiness, enjoyment, and optimism, which are among the core values for the Coca-Cola brand.

But teens today have endless opportunities – and that in itself poses a challenge. Teens are often good at describing their dreams, but in many cases, the dream stay within the dream. They don’t act. With the “The Bucket List Challenge”, Coca-Cola wanted to inspire the teens to actually live out their dreams, take action and to create their own bucket list and feel the enjoyment when their dreams come true.

On the YouTube channel named CokeTV, we hosted weekly episodes with three CokeTV hosts who asked the teens for their bucket list ideas and turned them into actual events that were featured on the channel. In that way, we both showed how to realise the teens dreams and further we were able to create a joint effort among the teens in supporting each other in acting out ones ideas. Youtube, as a social platform was strategically chosen and thought into the creative concept from the beginning. In relation to other social media YouTube’s core strength is the ability to build communities where the users join to be a part of the dialogue and the content experience on the platform. It is the shared values and topics that the concept of the Youtube channel provides, which appeal to the users and make them want to engage and subscribe.

The teens on CokeTV played along happily. They enjoyed and were inspired by the idea of the bucket list and the statement of living out ones dreams. We created a brand community where the teens suggested bucket list themes, recommended their bucket list ideas and commented on each other’s ideas. With YouTube as a channel we were able to create an always on strategy where we made it possible to be top of mind among the teens by communicating and presenting them with content that mattered and were close to their desires.

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