From Kitten to Cat

A deep operational insight into the target audience, engaging user journeys, and three cute kittens are the key ingredients in a targeted campaign that will increase awareness and sales for Royal Canin in the Nordic region. The campaign is the first step in an exciting omnichannel journey, for the ambitious brand.

Royal Canin went live with a web series – written and produced by Ogilvy – to raise awareness of kitten food in the Nordic region. The campaign is the first step in the realization of a major omnichannel strategy of linking Royal Canin, dog and cat owners, kennels and veterinarians into a mutually value-creating ecosystem based on content and data – a transformation that Ogilvy is bringing to life.

The web series, entitled ‘The Journey from Kitten to Cat’, features 5 episodes following three cute kittens during 5 months of their lives. A new episode is published once a month, and each episode is supplemented by three instructional videos with tips and information about kitten behavior and the precautions cat-owners should take. In addition to social media, the campaign contains a campaign site with webisodes, articles, cat-breed guide and overview of food products for kittens.

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Being the World-Wide B2B agency for IBM, we develop communications and campaigns addressed to both public and private companies in the Nordic region. The target audience is a reworked crowd of CIOs, CFOs, CMOs and CEOs, who acknowledge the role of IT in a broader aspect than the server room. The target audience has to be inspired by IBM’s solutions in order to create new opportunities in their own business’. Ogilvy helps drive the digital transformation with a core focus on data and IT.