Everything looks better in a freshly washed car – Shell

In September 2019, Shell launched subscription packages for their carwash. They needed to generate awareness of this new product and generate leads for CRM follow-up. The communication should support their new brand positioning ‘Driven by quality’ and strengthen the positioning of Shell’s carwash as a premium product in a generic market.
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    The Shell carwash subscriptions come in several complex forms with various prices, timings and wash offerings – and we were dealing with a simultaneous launch of a service app from which the subscriptions can be handled. Moreover, we were faced with the challenge that even Shell’s most loyal customers didn’t find the idea of a carwash subscription relevant – just as they were not preferent of Shell’s carwash because of the carwash product’s generic stance in the market.

    So, our task was to take the generic out of carwash and show the long-term value of buying a subscription. We carried out multiple surveys to get a better feel for Shell’s customers regarding this particular product. These revealed a surprising focus on the emotional aspect of a clean car – contradicting Shell’s traditionally tactical communication.

    It became clear that we needed to unite Shell’s carwash offering with the emotional factors driving car owners to wash their cars – all the while giving Shell a unique position in the market away from its competitors. This led us to work with ‘the feeling of a clean car’, and a campaign concept that did not focus on price or services, as our competitors do, but – to paraphrase legendary creative Dave Trott – to “take the conversation upstream”.

    We worked out a very thorough message hierarchy anchored in the tagline ‘Everything looks better in a freshly washed car’ (“Alt ser bedre ud i en nyvasket bil”). The resulting videos were devoid of voice-overs and titles, showing two sets of visuals (themed ‘City’ and ‘Country-road’) reflected in a shiny and spotless car.

For life – Multi-tabs

Most of us think that multi-vitamins are just multi-vitamins. But life goes through many stages and it varies greatly what type of vitamins you need. Thus, it is of the essence to drop by the pharmacy to get the right guidance and the right multi-vitamins to take home.

To tell the story, we created ‘For Life’ – a platform enabling Multi-tabs to address all stages of life – from infancy to old age, from pregnancy to fatherhood. The concept is flexible and makes way for emotional storytelling resonating with our target groups while empowering Multi-tabs as a brand that stands by us all …. for life. The film consists of scenes that each addresses a life stage and were used for targeted Social Media assets addressing audiences in different life stages.

Multi-tabs was once a market leading premium brand in the multi-vitamin category. Over the years, this position has become eroded in a market where no brands really stand out and where consumers have become indifferent. As a quality product based on many years of scientific research, Multi-tabs is sold solely at the pharmacy and is heavily challenged by other brands, including those conveniently sold in supermarkets. Thus, Pfizer needed to revitalize and reposition the Multi-tabs brand and reload it with the energy, character, and emotion to once again incite the consumer to drop by a pharmacy and actively choose Multi-tabs.

The Journey from Kitten to Cat

Royal Canin was facing a huge challenge because sales were declining in the Nordics. They urgently needed to revitalize their brand across the Nordics by reestablishing themselves as the expert in pet nutritional health – and once again become the preferred go-to, when seeking information on the best dietary options for cats and dogs.
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    Extensive research showed that cat owners are in fact cat parents, and they wish to do the very best for their fur baby. Nonetheless, research showed that they feed their vulnerable kittens adult cat food. But in order for a kitten to develop and grow, it needs the right nutrition. The wrong type of food could lead to health problems later in life.

    We came up with the concept ‘From Kitten to Cat’ following three kittens from when they leave their mother until young adulthood. Through this process we inspire, guide and empower the target group to be the best pet parents. Hence, making the target audience aware of the fact that a kitten has a specific nutritional need and therefore requires special kitten food in order to get the very best start on life.

    Additional footage was turned into amusing teasers for the web series. The idea of using the documentary genre was to portray the reality of the kittens’ everyday life and their personality and thus their individual development needs. Our goal was to establish an emotional connection with the target audience and eventually ensure awareness of kittens’ special feeding requirements without “hard-selling” Royal Canin products.

    We launched a sequential story-telling funnel on Facebook every month throughout five months of production. Each month began with the launch of the teaser and actual episode on Facebook. The audience engaging with the episode were then targeted with the tailored content leading them further down the social funnel. We then re-engaged the audience with more rational educational content leading them to the lower funnel, a campaign site entitled fromkittentocat.com.

    On the campaign site, visitors were able to further engage with Royal Canin through rational content and articles about e.g. different nutritional requirements for a cat through different life stages and cat breeds. The campaign ran in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway over a 6-month period providing a 30% increase in total revenue of Royal Canin cat food across the Nordic markets.