COVID-19. How to communicate in turbulent times

Marketers & communicators must be careful about how we communicate internally & externally in a time of crisis. Read or download ‘COVID-19: How to Communicate in Turbulent Times’ by Ogilvy Asia’s Scott Kronick, based on his first-hand experience in a region ahead of the curve.

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What’s Next: Steering Brands through COVID-19. Thursday March 26th 17:00 CET

How should your brand plot a course through this world-redefining period? Drawing from prior experiences with SARS, the financial crisis and the current realities, our panel will discuss both short-term survival as well as long-term brand health.

We are currently in the midst of the most disruptive global crisis seen in decades. There is little doubt that the aftermath of COVID-19 will have life-changing impact on societies, political systems, and economies. And it will likely be the single-most important catalyst in modern history for changing consumer behaviour and attitudes.

This is a defining moment for Brands, and how they react – what they do – will not only impact short-term survival, but more important, the long-term brand health that is critical to future growth.

Our speakers will draw on prior experiences with SARS, the 2008 Financial crisis and the current realities in Asia, Europe and the US. In this week’s webinar they will discuss what your brand should be thinking about and how to plot a course through this world-redefining period.

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This article was orginally published on Ogilvy.com by Stephanie Bakkum and Antonis Kocheilas

Sustainable Enough is Not Good Enough. While the youth of today continue to be catalysts in the drive toward environmental action, brands have been busy getting involved in environmental and other social good issues through ongoing or sporadic corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Making Brands Matter for the Generations to Come intends to help brands understand how they can help make the world, and their business, better faster by intentionally making CSR efforts grounded in their brand’s core.

Leveraging frameworks and data from experts in the field, academia, as well as by observing over a dozen brands, this paper tells the story of the origins of CSR, the evolution of consumers in their demand for sustainable goods and services, and brands’ pitfalls and success stories in executing CSR activities.

From Conspicuous Consumption through to modern day Conscious Consumption, this paper examines how consumers have shifted over the years which has driven brands to embark on CSR in different ways. From one-off projects through to business models built on circular design, brands have been active participants in CSR but there’s still a long way to go.

The paper closes with key actions brands can take to expediently make CSR a genuine and authentic component of their brand’s core going forward.

Key takeaways from the paper:

  • Brands are dabbling in CSR across a spectrum – from one-off initiatives, to those who have managed to become fully purpose driven ecosystems
  • There’s a price tag that often comes with sustainability – the future state of conscious consumption is when sustainable products are affordable and attainable across spending power
  • A brand’s core embodies a brand’s purpose, positioning, and action plans – any and all CSR initiatives need to stem from this core and be felt internally as well as externally
  • There’s an abundance of sustainable activity happening in the world today – brands that matter will take a hard look in mirror and spend the time to intentionally align their CSR activities to their brand’s core

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About the authors:

Stephanie Bakkum is a Director of Engagement Strategy at Ogilvy with a focus on enabling brands to play a positive role in major socioeconomic and environmental challenges. She is currently an MPA candidate at Columbia University with an emphasis in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management.

Antonis Kocheilas is an Executive Partner, Global Brand Strategy Lead at Ogilvy Worldwide. He is a big-picture thinker that loves crafting holistic brand strategies; ones that deliver world-class Comms, help galvanize staff and ultimately drive business growth in a sustainable way. He has 20 yrs. of experience across leader and challenger brands in industries including CPG, Tech, Telco and Retail and he has delivered extraordinarily work for clients, as evidenced by numerous Effie (Marketing Effectiveness Awards) and Cannes Lions (Creative Awards).

During our latest Morning Session on Customer Engagement in B2B marketing, we had the pleasure to introduce an award-winning client, Inmarsat Aviation. Inmarsat is the leading provider of satellite communications solutions to airlines, operators, and passengers worldwide. Due to the services provided by Inmarsat, you are now able to be connected at 35,000 feet in the sky.

Inmarsat Aviation and Ogilvy in London have developed and executed an exciting and efficient Customer Engagement programme. The case was presented by Dominic Walters, Vice President Marketing Communications & Strategy at Inmarsat Aviation and Nik Myers, Planning Partner, Ogilvy London.

We asked Dominic Walters, Vice President Marketing Communications & Strategy at Inmarsat Aviation, what was crucial to know in B2B Customer Engagement?

Inmarsat Aviation – Bring it on!

We were brought on a journey of customer engagement at the morning session at Ogilvy Denmark. Over the last five years, Inmarsat Aviation has been working on how to build a strong brand in an industry which is undergoing a digital transformation. With help from Ogilvy, Inmarsat Aviation managed to disrupt the status quo and enlighten its target audience. In the first six months alone, a targeted digital and experiential activity engaged 60% of target market accounts. Thought leadership content and partnerships, combined with high-touch media relations management, put Inmarsat’s name firmly at the center of the industry conversation. Brand awareness jumped to 67% within the industry – placing Inmarsat Aviation jointly alongside the leading competitor.

We asked Nik Myers, Planning Partner, Ogilvy London, to give his take on what’s is trending in B2B Customer engagement?

If you want to know more about the Award-winning case on Inmarsat Aviation, please feel free to reach out to us or sign up to our newsletter for more information on future events.

Don’t start with tech

In February 2019 Ogilvy Denmark hosted an event with IBM on Customer Engagement in B2B marketing. The opening presentation at the event was “Don’t start with tech” which contained an extensive and exciting elaboration on The Who, Why, What and How of Customer Engagement within B2B. The presentation was done by Jimmy Schougaard, WorldWide Chief Strategy Officer, Customer Engagement & CRM at Ogilvy.

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For the first time ever, Ogilvy and IBM join forces to create a special session for Scandinavian marketeers like you in B2B industries.

Digital initiatives within pharma and medtech are often driven by high ambition and large investment. Problem is, they rarely live up to their full potential. Digital tools tend to be launched as one-off add-ons not anchored in a wider business strategy. Today however, more and more companies are recognising the importance of integrating digital into the core of their business. This interview with Ogilvy NY’s Ritesh Patel was recorded june 2018.

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