Danish Milk

The Danish Dairy Association was facing a challenge. They had to persuade the Danish consumers to buy Danish milk when they did their grocery shopping. In order to do so, The Danish Dairy Association chose Ogilvy as their agency.

A consumer analysis showed that 81% of Danes prefer Danish dairy products. The Danes are also convinced that Danish dairy products are of high quality and that Danish agriculture plays a leading role in terms of environmental care and animal welfare. But the Danish Dairy Association was facing a challenge. The Danes took for granted that the milk they bought was Danish – even though it wasn’t. In order to overcome this challenge, we needed to persuade the Danes to actively shop for Danish produced milk.

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    We developed a new communication platform where we explicitly told the benefits of Danish milk. We created a campaign in Danish where “Vi skar mælk ud i pap”. During the campaign, we kept reminding the Danes of all the good things about Danish milk and how they can recognize it in the supermarkets. By using a graphic universe of nostalgia, quality, and love, we ran the campaign outdoors, on TV, digitally and socially.

    The results were great! The campaign made for The Danish Dairy Association ran over a 3-year period. After the first period, the message had made a great impact on the Danish consumers, and we managed to increase the Danes’ knowledge of the Danish Milk Label from 24% to 33%.


Arla wanted to introduce Baby & Me – a new organic breast milk supplement. Initially, the product series should be launched in the Danish and Finnish markets, where it is not legal to communicate directly to infant mothers in the first 6 months of the child’s life.

In order to launch the product, we developed an information kit for healthcare professionals at the Danish nurseries. The information kit contained a sample and brochures about diet and nutrition for infants – one addressed to the healthcare staff and one to the mothers.

In addition, we developed a content strategy that formed the basis for dialogue and engagement across platforms and channels – including a dedicated website with child nutrition advice, a Facebook page for dialogue between mothers, and an automated CRM program segmented by the age and development of the child.

Officer’s campaign

The Danish Defence wanted to attract ambitious bachelors from Universities to apply for the new officer’s programs. The challenge was that an education in the Danish Defence was not at all part of the bachelor’s mindset. For them, the Danish Defence smelled too much of bullets and rigid hierarchy – all of which were in stark contrast to both the academic education they were pursuing, as well as the future dreams of a management job in the private sector.

At Ogilvy, it was our task to engage with the audience by telling a story about real leadership. In order to get the attention of a well-educated target audience, we needed to come up with a solution that spoke to the mindset of a future leader. Thus, we told a story that redefined the perception of The Danish Defence.

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    Ogilvy delivered engaging content in a seamless interface with easy access to information. Something future leaders could relate to. Ogilvy developed a campaign site explaining in detail about the different officer’s programs within the air force, navy, and army. The information was also integrated with short films showcasing what it’s like to be a student within the Danish Defence. The films were shot from a point-of-view perspective providing an exclusive insight into the life of a future officer in the Danish Defence.

    The UX-design had to be intuitive and interactive in order to engage with the audience. We also developed a digital CV-tool, where the target audience could compare the opportunities of a master’s degree with an Officer’s title. The tool was an example of how we engaged with the audience instead of merely communicating. Through an effective digital customer journey, we managed to develop and execute a digital strategy that repositioned the Danish Defence as an institution with possibilities for young future leaders

    The Officer’s campaigns ran three years in a row providing great results for the Danish Defence. A report made by Epinion showed that the general awareness of the Officer’s program went from 35% in 2016 to 73% in 2018. The increase in awareness led to growth in the number of applicants. Adjusted to target index 100, the Officer’s campaign realized index 226 in 2016/17 and index 228 2017/18. In other words, the campaign provided the basis for significant growth in the number of applicants two years in a row.

The life with HIV

In the ’80s and ’90s, people were told horrific stories about a life with HIV. Over the years, these stories have evolved into misperceptions of the modern-day HIV patient. We helped Aids Fondet by telling a new story about living with HIV. A life that is probably just as ordinary as yours.

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    Today the medical treatment is so effective that people with HIV live as long as everybody else. Furthermore, HIV patients are not able to infect others as long as they take a pill each morning. To portray a life with HIV we took various everyday scenarios that everybody could relate to. Everything from expired milk in the fridge to the annoying habits that exist in a marriage.

    We didn’t want to hide anything. No extraordinary camera movement or special effects. The visual composition of the films was easy to understand and straight forward. In this way, we could tell a new story of what it’s like to live with HIV – which is just as dramatic as everything else’s.

    The campaign was a success because we managed to connect with the target audience in a manner that they could relate to.

“Derfor V-Power”

Why choose V-Power? We answer the question in Shell’s latest campaign, “Derfor V-Power”. Here we let the drivers themselves explain why they are using Shell V-Power. V-Power is Shell’s brand-bearing product. It is a result of Shell’s dedication to providing the best fuel of choice on the market. It furthermore represents the strongest premium fuel brand in Denmark.

Our goal with this campaign was to strengthen the perception of Shell as being “Driven by quality”. By doing so, we need to tell a captivating a story about V-Power and why it is better for your car compared to regular fuel. This should create a bigger incentive for consumers to change behavior towards V-Power.

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    But Shell was facing a huge challenge. The majority of their customers did not understand the difference between V-Power and regular fuel. This was primarily due to technical and complex product description. When the consumers had difficulties with understanding the benefits of V-Power, it was harder to justify the extra costs associating with changing to V-Power. Previous V-Power campaigns showed that tactical campaigns generated trials, but consumers had a tendency to go back to regular fuel within a few months. To feel an effect, the drivers should use V-Power exclusively for three months.

    To overcome these barriers, we choose to communicate in eye height with the consumers by using testimonials. Real V-Power consumers – not actors – should advocate for V-Power in their wording. Instead of having a technical product focus, we choose to zoom-in on the relationship between the consumer and their car – and why they are using V-Power. To include the technical benefits and product facts, we asked a former racing driver and TV-commentator, Nicolas Kiesa.

    We managed to create a campaign focusing on the values that the Shell brand always has stood for – high quality and performance. But by taking a more emotional approach we managed to captivate the audience’s attention.

    Visit our campaign site here.


In collaboration with Carlsberg Sport, we made a repositioning of the brand. The ambition was to give the brand renewed relevance in the soft drink category. But Carlsberg Sport was facing a huge challenge. Their main competitor, Faxe Kondi was solidly rooted in the market for lemon-lime sodas and left no room for Carlsberg Sport. On top of that, Carlsberg Sport had not managed to stay relevant for the target audience even though a large part of the consumers preferred Carlsberg Sport over Faxe Kondi in blind tests. Ogilvy was brought on the journey and managed to transform Carlsberg Sport from a dusty, slightly overlooked soda to an edge seeking brand with attitude.

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    The ambition was to reposition Carlsberg Sport as a challenger within the category. By creating a brand that could shape an emotional relationship with the target group, while maintaining a close bond to football – both at a club and elite level. In this way, existing sponsorships would be utilized.
    Our take was to create a 360-degree campaign focusing on convenience and instant consumption, including new packaging design.

    Awareness and engagement were declining, and Carlsberg Sport was in urgent need for a new identity and point of difference. The target audience needed some emotional elements that the audience could relate to as well as differentiate Carlsberg Sport from their competitors.

    Our research showed that Carlsberg Sport was targeting an audience consisting of young sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, the audience was facing a change of attitude. It is no longer considered nerdy or uncool to be good in school. It is okay to strive for the best and support your friends in succeeding. Carlsberg Sport should not talk about soft drinks but instead catch their audience’s attention by talking about their lives and sport.

    Insights showed a new generation of young people who knew that the world is at their feet. The pressure from the outside world can feel enormous. Therefore, it is even more important to dare and believe in yourself, your dreams and goals. But things do not happen on their own. They have to fight for it. Why? Because the teens are told that it is an impossible dream. Our solution was to tell the target audience that it is okay to believe in yourself, your talent and that nothing is impossible. Our communication should encourage, inspire, and challenge the target audience to follow their dreams and ambitions.

    Ogilvy took action with the hashtag ‘Tro på det’ [Believe in it]. The campaign was a shoutout to all the young peers. We wanted to encourage a new generation to fight for their dreams – also in the rain on Sundays. Therefore, Carlsberg Sport should not communicate as a classic soft drink brand. They should instead communicate as a sports brand. The benchmark for our communication was Nike and Adidas which also provided the foundation for a more aggressive communication. In that way, we managed to integrate Carlsberg Sports’ core values; brave, energetic, and refreshing.

    With the help from the professional football player Pierre Emile Højbjerg, we used his story to create a manifesto for a new generation of young people who strive to become the best. The campaign was launched across channels – from the cinema to online and in-store displays. It was not just about awakening the target group’s dreams of winning on film, but also about ensuring that they would reach out for a Carlsberg Sport in the store.

    The results were phenomenal, and it paid off to bring the concept to life. Sales increased by 35%. A Brand Manager of Carlsberg Sport commented: “We finally managed to bring Carlsberg Sport to life, and it has become a good business”.

World-Wide B2B agency

Being the World-Wide B2B agency for IBM, Ogilvy develops communications and campaigns addressed to both public and private companies in the Nordic region. It is a story about a journey to support IBM in their digital transformation of marketing step-by-step. It is also a story about creating innovation in motion – ensuring an always-on digital presence while ensuring ongoing optimization based on tracking, strategies, iterations, creativity, and trust.

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    IBM has a long history of developing pioneering technology applicable for business, but times have changed and today IBM has moved from hardware to cognitive software solutions. During this transition, Ogilvy helped IBM facing a huge challenge: How can IBM sell complex software solutions to a target audience consisting of both IT-professionals and commercial, less tech-savvy managers – in a disruptive competitive landscape dominated by consumer technology brands?

    Ogilvy developed a Nordic communication and media strategy for IBM. Based on customer insights, Ogilvy compiled the Nordic CMO Report, built upon data and insights from quantitative and qualitative studies of Nordic CMOs. In order to support the strategy, Ogilvy produced a range of creative assets including engaging social posts and

    IBM managed to attract a difficult target audience consisting of developers by communicating in a language only they understood. With help from Ogilvy and a light sense of humor, IBM managed to disarm the target audience with targeted social posts written in various coding languages. The campaign gained a lot of attention and was shared among the developer-community in the Nordics. In order to promote IBM’s Cloud program, we managed to gain the attention of the modern CIO. By developing creative assets that included two IBM cases, KONE and Suunto, we drew great traffic to IBM Cloud landing pages.

    Developing an agile marketing engine based on cross channel integrated communication enabled us to reposition IBM from hardware provider to a modern service provider of software-based cognitive solutions.

A Gamer in the Control Tower

The Danish Defence was on the lookout for qualified applicants to join their program as Air Traffic Controller. Due to the unique requirements, the Danish Defence had a very narrow target audience. Only 5-10% of the Danish population possess the skills to work as an Air Traffic controller. The right candidate must be able to act calmly and clear-headed in stressful situations. But who do you target? How do you make sure the right people get the message?

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    Our research showed that there was a uniquely relevant group – Gamers! Online gamers are used to taking action and keeping calm in stressful situations. They have developed a number of special skills that were needed in the Air Traffic Control Academy. And we needed to come up with a solution that would catch their attention.

    So at Ogilvy, we developed the campaign, A Gamer in the Control Tower. With the help of a YouTuber and professional gamer, we managed to create a campaign that would prove to be a great success.

    We invited the YouTuber into the control tower to test his gamer skills in the air traffic simulator. His efforts were filmed and integrated on the campaign site promoting the program. The content was shared on his YouTube channel to make the unique target group aware of the need for their skills.

    By introducing a well-known YouTuber, we provided a unique insight into the everyday life of an air traffic controller. We also managed to tell the target audience what the Danish Defence was after – in an entertaining way. Thus, the campaign made it possible for gamers to relate to a job in the Danish Defense.

    The campaign became an integral part of a YouTube channel with more than 173,000 loyal subscribers from the gaming community. The video was watched nearly half a million times by the target audience consisting of 18-24-year-old gamers. The traffic to the air control’s website increased by over 800% in the campaign period. We managed to reach a narrow target audience by communicating a message they could relate to.