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Career site

The combination of a strong user experience and modern marketing technology makes the new career site a key driver in the Digital Ecosystem for the Danish Defense. Optimized to care and convert leads to the many exciting opportunities the Danish Defense has to offer.

Ogilvy developed a simple user journey that made it easier for the target audience to get an overview of jobs and educational opportunities within the Danish Defense. In other words, we made a complex organization look and feel simple by converting over 300 subpages to only 139 pages. A simple navigation wrapped in a visually appealing user-interface controlled by an effective CMS-platform made it all possible.

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Digital deliverables

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Back and Front-end Development
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From Kitten to Cat

A deep operational insight into the target audience, engaging user journeys, and three cute kittens are the key ingredients in a targeted campaign that will increase awareness and sales for Royal Canin in the Nordic region. The campaign is the first step in an exciting omnichannel journey, for the ambitious brand.

Royal Canin went live with a web series – written and produced by Ogilvy – to raise awareness of kitten food in the Nordic region. The campaign is the first step in the realization of a major omnichannel strategy of linking Royal Canin, dog and cat owners, kennels and veterinarians into a mutually value-creating ecosystem based on content and data – a transformation that Ogilvy is bringing to life.

The web series, entitled ‘The Journey from Kitten to Cat’, features 5 episodes following three cute kittens during 5 months of their lives. A new episode is published once a month, and each episode is supplemented by three instructional videos with tips and information about kitten behavior and the precautions cat-owners should take. In addition to social media, the campaign contains a campaign site with webisodes, articles, cat-breed guide and overview of food products for kittens.

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How could a traditional Danish institution like the Danish Defence recruit Arab-speaking Danes to work as civilian interpreters in Iraq? The target group felt excluded by the Danish society and the campaign-budget was limited. A targeted campaign on Facebook gave the Danish Defence some of its most popular content for a long time: Videos of senior military staff encouraging people to apply for the role as civilian interpreters in broken Arabic. The Danish Defence received more than ten times as many applicants as the year before – and in addition, got a whole new and positive dialogue with a hard-to-reach target group.

“All about the craft”

Riberhus is all about the craft. Visit the production facilities and we will show you what passion and craft can do. That’s the story we wanted to tell with the catchphrase “Lidt bedre end andre gode oste”. The truth about Riberhus is that the dairymen, who produce the popular cheeses, care deeply about their profession. The dairymen Lars, Milter, Hans, and Poul became the main characters in “Ostemagerne” – a series of humorous commercials about the people behind Denmark’s most popular cheese. The universe was unfolded on TV as well as online platforms, where there was room for more engagement.

Life is bitter

We created a strong communication platform that revitalized Fernet Branca and made it appealing for a younger one audience. With a simple and aesthetic concept that stood out from the crowd, we made a clear profile for Fernet Branca. The solution worked across channels, and the text-borne universe made it possible to come out with strong contextual messages everywhere the audience went – from bus stops to cinemas.

Our work for Fernet Branca has over the years won several creative prizes, including the Creative Circle Award and the Cannes Lions in 2015.


By creating relevance in the tension between social, content, and influencer marketing, we have helped Coca-Cola recapture and engage with the supercritical teens. The campaign has been so effective that we have exceeded all predefined KPIs.


30,800 Subscribers on YouTube
97% Positive sentiment
15.5 Million views


DSB – Plus

In order to activate DSB Plus-members, we wanted to give them an offer they couldn’t resist. If a good offer comes at the right time as well as being easy to redeem, the value of the offer will be greater.

The campaign delivered impressive conversion rates and showed that mobile is a highly effective marketing channel – especially across frequent travelers. Several thousand members made use of the offers and compared to traditional email-campaigns did SMS generate 5 x higher response-rates.