Unleash Your Power To Perform

Unleash Your Power To Perform with Husky IVO


Milestone Systems faced launching their most powerful on-prem server range, the new Husky IVO series, and needed to generate awareness before-hand as well as a visual presentation of the products that would make them stand out and do justice to their powerful performance.


We were asked to create a teaser campaign for the new Husky range – one that would leverage all the facts but at the same time cater to a very specific audience: The tech people who would eventually install and maintain the server.


What challenges are you solving today? Complex installation, maximum uptime, critical data storage? The concept “Unleash Your Power To Perform” tapped into all of the challenges our audience would meet – and showed them how a Husky IVO server would grant them the power to solve them all. From saving time and achieving more to having peace of mind and being prepared for evolving needs, all at once.

To separate Husky from the competition, we went against the traditional spec-driven inside-out presentation of tech products. So, rather than focusing on raw specifications, we chose to show it from a user perspective to better demonstrate the benefits and day to day outcome of having a Husky on-site.

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