In a world of differences, communication is key. But what if you don’t speak the language? Don’t understand the culture? Don’t look like a native? The Danish Defence was in an urgent need for civilian interpreters. But how can you recruit Arab-speaking Danes to work as civilian interpreters in Iraq? Quite a mission.

The target group felt excluded by the Danish society. A targeted campaign on Facebook and Spotify provided the Danish Defence with some of its most popular content for a long time. Videos of senior military staff encouraging people to apply for the role of civilian interpreters in broken Arabic. By communicating with the target audience on their terms, the Danish Defense won their attention.

The Danish Defence received more than ten times as many applicants as the year before – and in addition, they got a new and positive dialogue with a hard-to-reach target group.

Based on the creative concept, The Danish Defence and Ogilvy teamed up for the second year in a row. With help from current interpreters, we made a new campaign attracting Ukrainian-, Arabic-, Dari-, and French-speaking civilians. The Campaign received three times the applications needed. Furthermore, the campaign gained a lot of organic traffic as the message was shared in multiple Facebook groups including “Ukrainians in Denmark” and various closed groups for Arabic-speaking Danes.

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