Paving the way for Iceland

Building a gathering force for icelandic infrastructure


While the outlook for Icelandic infrastructure is great, the industry is not equipped to deliver on the growth that’s needed to keep up with the rising needs of the country. Adding to this, the market is highly stigmatised which makes it hard to attract the necessary investments. The challenge was real – but if solved correctly, it would make a world of a difference. So, the alternative investment firm Alfa Framtak teamed up with the founder of the successful construction company Grafa & Grjót to rethink the entire ecosystem of Icelandic infrastructure.


Beyond advising the two parties on how to challenge the status quo, our task was to create a strong, future-proof position in a highly fragmented and unfocused market that would allow them to scale and expand. The process included developing a full brand strategy and -concept.


To achieve this ambitious task, we set up a three phased process: Research, strategy, and roll-out. The result was to build a strong alliance of construction companies. An alliance that would cater to the entire industry – and stand firm as a gathering force for Icelandic infrastructure under one single brand. The strategy came to life in a comprehensive playbook that laid out the foundation for the new brand.

Complete with brand architecture, core narrative, a fresh colour palette, brand guidelines, logo, and tone of voice, we created an umbrella brand that would build credibility among key stakeholders.In naming the new company, we made sure to place the brand in the intersection between infrastructure, innovation, and deep industry knowledge.

Thus, the name INVIT was created as a contraction of ‘Innovation’,‘Innviði’ (Icelandic for infrastructure), and ‘Verkvit’ (Icelandic for know-how).As part of this, we created a new pay-off – Paving the Way – to shape the new company and invoke an understanding of its role and vision: We are here to future-proof Icelandic infrastructure.


From developing the strategic foundation and brand architecture to creating a new brand identity and bringing it to life, we have helped INVIT pave the way for the future of Icelandic infrastructure. This has already resulted in massive media coverage locally.The final brand delivery has been a complete website for INVIT. Go ahead and explore the brand here:

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