For livet

Most of us think that multi-vitamins are just multi-vitamins. But life goes through many stages and it varies greatly what type of vitamins you need. Thus, it is of the essence to drop by the pharmacy to get the right guidance and the right multi-vitamins to take home.

To tell the story, we created ‘For Life’ – a platform enabling Multi-tabs to address all stages of life – from infancy to old age, from pregnancy to fatherhood. The concept is flexible and makes way for emotional storytelling resonating with our target groups while empowering Multi-tabs as a brand that stands by us all …. for life. The film consists of scenes that each addresses a life stage and were used for targeted Social Media assets addressing audiences in different life stages.

Multi-tabs was once a market leading premium brand in the multi-vitamin category. Over the years, this position has become eroded in a market where no brands really stand out and where consumers have become indifferent. As a quality product based on many years of scientific research, Multi-tabs is sold solely at the pharmacy and is heavily challenged by other brands, including those conveniently sold in supermarkets. Thus, Pfizer needed to revitalize and reposition the Multi-tabs brand and reload it with the energy, character, and emotion to once again incite the consumer to drop by a pharmacy and actively choose Multi-tabs.

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