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A Gamer in the Control Tower

The Danish Defence was on the lookout for qualified applicants to join their program as Air Traffic Controller in the Air Traffic Control Academy. Due to the unique requirements, the Danish Defence had a very narrow target audience. Only 5-10% of the Danish population possess the skills to work as an Air Traffic controller. The right candidate should be able to maintain a calm mind in stressful situations. But who do you target? And how do you make sure that the right people get the message?

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    The Danish Defence teamed up with Ogilvy to overcome this challenge. Our research showed that there was a unique group who were relevant to target – Gamers. Online gamers were used to take action and keep calm in stressful situations. They have developed a number of special skills that were needed in the Air Traffic Control Academy. And we needed to come up with a solution that would catch their attention.

    Ogilvy developed the campaign, A Gamer in the Control Tower. With the help of a YouTuber and professional gamer, we managed to create a campaign that would prove to be a great success.

    We invited the YouTuber into the control tower to test his gamer skills in the air traffic simulator. His efforts were filmed and integrated on the campaign site promoting the program. The content was shared on his own YouTube channel. In that way, we made the unique target group aware of the need for their skills.
    By introducing a well-known YouTuber, we managed to give a unique insight into the everyday life of an air traffic controller. We furthermore managed to tell the target audience what the Danish Defence sought after in an entertaining way. The campaign made it possible for gamers to relate to a job in the Danish Defense.

    The campaign became an integral part of a Youtube channel with more than 173,000 loyal subscribers from the gaming community. By using an influencer, we video was watched nearly half a million times by the target audience consisting of 18-24-year-old gamers. The traffic to the air control’s website increased with over 800% in the campaign period. We managed to reach a narrow target audience by communicating a message in a way they can relate to.